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Some thoughts about Christian issues

Is the Christian faith reasonable?

How can you find relationsship with God?

Some Christian issues

How to find Peace with God?
The reliability of the Bible

What is Prayer?



Israel and the Prophecies in the Bible




The Bible or the Quran - a muslims way to find the thruth

Shortly some essential and important issues in the Christian belief

VERSION  12/2006


New Lay-out and adopting of the earlier articles into this.



01.12.-06        New lay-out

I have a long time thought about a new lay-out for my site.  For some time ago I got “green light” for myself and began to work on it.

Although the main page has changed, the motives and the content have not changed very much. Roughly can the content be divided into three main parts, which can be divided into smaller parts.

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- Actualities (Earlier)



 Something to consider: 

What is the purpose for your life?  Do you have something, which is reliable?


My background

Christian links

-Why Christian Faith?
Very good link to get answers to many questions about Christian Faith, etc.

Christian aspects about questions concerning: Creation & Evolution, Biblical Archaeology, Christian Theology, Religions, Family & Marriage, Social Issues, Youth Issues, etc.
- 300 prophecies about Messiah   fulfilled in Jesus Christ



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