01.12.-06 New lay-out
I have a long time thought about a new lay-out for my site. For some time ago I got "green light" for myself and began to work on it.

Although the main page has changed, the motives and the content have not changed very much. Roughly can the content be divided into three main parts, which can be divided into smaller parts.

Specially in my Finnish and Swedish versions I have following main points: (English version is shorter, but may be slowly expanded)

1) I want to defend the Christian faith and to show, that this faith is based on a solid foundation. This can be done on the premises, that we are open and honest and we can not exclude supernatural things, which not always can be investigated by the scientific methods to day. In my opinion it is an escape from realities to not accept these spiritual truths. This leads indeed to a empty deadlock. I have also discussed the impact of Christian faith I our society life and the problems we meet in everyday life.

2) The essential issues in the Christian faith, which I try to handle in my way without long bible studies. I try to avoid secondary questions, which can be different in various churches. I try to concentrate on the issues, which are common or should be for all Christians. Of course I do not accept the theologians, which do not accept the authority of the Bible. These themes are discussed in many sites, so I think, that my contribution will not be very big.

3) The prophesies in the Bible are being fulfilled in many respects in our time. Especially the situations in the Middle East should be of great interest for believers, although the news in the Media can be very one-side minded. I hope to be able to discuss these items also in English. Islam is a very actual item in these days. I think it will show an important role in the Middle East conflicts in the near future. Perhaps I can write something about this later on. Israel is still the chosen people of God, although we perhaps can not accept all its decisions in our days. But in the future they will have tasks from God.

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