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Here are listed some more links about spiritual issues, which can be of importance to strength our Christian faith. They will give answers to many questions asked by the Sceptics. From the internet there can be found a lot more for those, who are interested to know more.

But I think, that these can give you a good start for your searching.


We must however remember, that many of these questions are very difficult to understand in detail by a limited human mind. Therefore may the answers given not be exact and thoroughly in accordance with the absolute truth. We know only partly or indeed very little of God’s nature and His doings and purposes. He, who has created this universe, is in an invisible, timeless state, which we can not comprehend as beings of “flesh and blood” with only our five senses.

Therefore must the answers and statements in these links be seen with respect to these facts. But they perhaps can broaden our view and comprehension of how big God is and how He cares for us in many ways.



Does God really exist? How can we know? If God made everything, who made God?

Are we alone, or is there life elsewhere in the universe?

Another link: Who created God?


More answers to various questions can be found from this site.


Argument for the existence of God: Pascal’s Wager”, “The Ontological Argument”, “The Cosmological Argument” (including the first cause argument), “The Teleological Argument” (i.e. the argument to design), “The Moral Argument”, “Religious Experience” and “The Argument from Miracles


How can one God be three persons?


About the Trinity.



Professor William Lane Craig has written many deep going essays about the Existence of God for those, who want to read articles, which are perhaps not so easy understandable:

Craig has also held many debates about the the existence of God.

Craigs article “Cosmos and Creator”

with the discussions  of Big Bang, Quantum Models, The Hartle-Hawking Model, the Time before Time, etc.

Many other Apologetics of Dr. William Lane Craig can be read.



Who was Jesus, really? What did he say about himself? What evidence is there to support what he said? How and why did Jesus actually die? Did he really rise from the dead? .There is a lot of these questions.

Read answers to these frequently asked questions.

Is Jesus Christ a man, or is he God?

How do we know that Jesus was the Messiah?


William Lane Craig has many writings about the Historical Jesus.

where he deals with the subjects among other : Evidence for Jesus, the Hallucination Hypothesis, the Guards at the Tomb,  empty Tomb, the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus.

See also reply to Fales.


  THE DEITY OF JESUS CHRIST. (A short overview)


Divine Claims of Jesus.


You can find more about the Jesus-Seminar in

Are "The Jesus Seminar" criticisms of the gospels and Jesus Christ valid?

Who does the Jesus Seminar really speak for?

Also Craig has written about Presuppositions and Pretensions of the Jesus Seminar.


The presuppositions in the Jesus Seminar:     

General Assumption #1. If it is only mentioned in one Gospel, it is doubtful that it happened.

General Assumption #2: If it reflects the needs, likely questions, or problems of the early church, it is doubtful that it was said or done by Jesus. Instead, the words and deeds were written back into the Gospel records.

General Assumption #3: If it reflects something that was already being taught in Judaism or some other philosophy at the time, it is doubtful that it was said or done by Jesus.

General Assumption #4: If it has a miraculous element, it didn't happen.

General Assumption #5: The Gospel writers added to or expanded upon Jesus' sayings with their own interpretations or comments, or attributed their own statements and/or stories to the Gospels.

General Assumption #6: Many saying of Jesus are invented for the occasion.

General Assumption #7: Only sayings and actions that fit a specified portrait of Jesus are authentic.



In addition to what can be found in section “Bible is reliable”    some more links:


Evidences for a logical and rational faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and especially the reliability of the New Testament.


with the pages:

A real “Treasure chamber”:

with many articles about various biblical topics and answers to hundreds questions concerning biblical issues:


A site with many biblical studies and relating topics from various fields (also other than Christianity)

From here and also from other sites you can found the basic principles for Christian Faith.

See also from this site  “How to find Peace with God?”

and “What is Prayer?



It is important nowadays to have some adequate knowledge about Islam. Of course here is not possible to give a more detailed description, only answers to some specific questions.


What is Islam?

Muslims - What does the Quran say about Isa (Jesus)?

How do Muslims think they are saved?

Are most Muslims terrorists?


More information can be obtained e.g. from: Muslim - Christian Dialog.  


A very interesting story is, what happened, when a fanatic Muslim got the task to find out, that the Bible is a forgery and the Quran is reliable. The story gives many details about the background for Quran and many surprising perceptions, which this Muslim found on his long struggle for the truth..



Origin of life.  From where did life come?

A large FAQ-site concerning topics from Genesis and bible-related questions:


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