I am a retired engineer. I have worked in research and development tasks in the industry.
I belong nowadays to a Pentecostal Church in Finland, but I have good relations to persons in various churches. I am not very eager to discuss theological items. I try to emphasize the very principal items in Christian belief, so I hope, that my message will suite members in various Churches.

Many years ago I had doubts about Christian belief and the Bible. Then the observations from my working place and the new techniques in our surroundings gave me new views also in our relations to God and the messages in the Bible. I have shortly written about these thoughts in my causerie.

I have participated in discussions in internet and I have written about these various answers to to-days questions in Finnish and Swedish. Although there are many critical opinions against Christian faith, I have found, that my Christian faith has been strengthened, when I have found, how meaningless the life is for many people without Christian belief. In English I have some small own writings, but most I am referring to good links, which there are plenty of. So I hope, I can serve also them, who do not understand my head languages.
The Christian faith has given my life a very solid base. I hope, that everybody could find such foundation, which gives meaning and hope in our lives.